Battery Norway and KLIB: Webinar - Norwegian-German Industry Dialogue

Tid: torsdag 6. juni 2024 - 10:00 - 14:50 |
Åpent for all
Sted: Online

Norwegian-German Industry Dialogue

Batteries represent an essential element of the energy transition. In addition to the huge markets of electromobility and stationary energy storage, batteries are important enablers for new products on the market. Immense production capacities are therefore currently being built up globally. The battery ecosystem, which is new in this dimension, opens up new opportunities and new collaborations for established companies as well as start-ups and new business models. However, it is important to get to know each other's activities better.

With the KliB Industry Dialogue we want to offer Norwegian and German companies a platform to get to know each other and to exchange ideas with the goal of new partnerships and collaborations.

Battery Norway and KLiB ((Kompetenznetzwerk Lithium-Ionen Batterien e.V.) hereby invites you to join an online gathering on Thursday 6th of June. 

Aims and format: B2B, Partnering, discussion of possible cooperation presentation of enterprises along the whole battery value chain.

Tentative agenda:

10:00 Welcome and Introduction KliB – Michael Krausa, CEO KLiB
10:10 Welcome and Introduction Battery Norway – Pål Runde, CEO Battery Norway
10:20 Vianode  – Stian Madshus
10.30 Coperion GmbH – Markus Lehmann
10:40 Bergen Carbon Solutions – Fredrik Øksnes
10:50 E-Lyte GmbH – Anna Sybrecht
11:00 ZNL Energy – Marcus Andreas Olsen
11:10 Cylib GmbH – Matthias Breidenbach
11:20 Nordic Batteries – Jan-Olaf Willums/Jarle Gjøsæther
11:30 Freudenberg GmbH – Peter Kritzer
11:40 Beyonder – Frederik Huld
11:50 Liacon GmbH –Jens Simmank
12:00 Hydrovolt – Marte Stemland
12:10 IBUVolt Battery Materials GmbH – Ulrich Weitz

12:20 Lunch

13:00 Elinor Batteries - Truls Johansen
13:10 p3 Group GmbH - NN
13:20 Morrow Batteries - Peter Höfeld
13:30 Battery LabFactory Braunschweig (BLB) - Nicolas von Drachenfels
13:40 IFE (Institute for Energy Technology)- Sigmund S. Kielland
13:50 RWTH Aachen - Christin Stallmeister
14:00 Jagenberg Converting Solutions -Fabian Schlütter
14:10 Manz -Rainer Kordes
14:20 OneJoon - Laurenz Plöchl
14:30 Final Discussion
14:40 Farwell - Pål Runde/Nora Grobæk, Michael Krausa

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