Battery Norway/BATMAN: The new EU battery regulation proposal four months on: what are the main implications for Norway?

Påmeldingsfrist: fre. 30. apr. 2021 - 00:00
Tid: torsdag 29. april 2021 - 12:00 - 13:00 |
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Sted: Nett

This short Battery Norway and BATMAN webinar takes stock of the EU battery regulation that was issued in December 2020 and asks which features of the regulation are emerging as particularly challenging or promising. It also provides information on the future trajectory of the proposal and highlights current policy debates in Brussels related to the regulation.   

Thursday 29 April 1200-1300 hrs 

1200-1202:  Welcome, Lars Petter Maltby, Eyde Cluster

1202-1217:  Conversation: Fredrik Andresen, Batteriretur and Stina Torjesen, UiA: The devil is in the details? Fredrik Andresen shares Batteriretur’s perspectives on opportunities and challenges associated with the regulation    

1217-1220:  Preliminary reactions: How might the EU regulation impact Corvus? Nils Valland Corvus Energy Norway

1220-1223:  Preliminary reactions: How might the EU regulation impact Elkem? Gunstein Skomedal, Elkem

1223-1226:  Preliminary reactions: How might the EU regulation impact Hydro? Elise Must, Hydro   

1226-1229:  Preliminary reactions: what features of the new regulation do the Norwegian Environment Agency see as particularly significant? Ole Thomas Thommesen, Norwegian Environment Agency

1229-1245:  Open discussion: opportunities and challenges for Norway in the short and long term

1245-1255:  Wrap up: what have been key messages today and how do they resonate with current policy debates in Brussels? Terese Birkeland, UiA 

1255-1300: Updates on Batman activities ahead and good bye,  Stephen Sayfritz, Eyde Cluster 

Download the program in PDF.