Mathematical Modelling in Metallurgical Industry

Påmeldingsfrist: 30. august 2018
Tid: 17.09.2018 - 18.09.2018
Sted: Scandic Bystranda, Østre Strandgate 74, Kristiansand

A meeting place for interaction between industry and academia, 
Kristiansand, 17-18 September 2018
– Scandic Kristiansand Bystranda

Design and operation of metallurgical processes have been gradually improved through industrial experience, research, modern process control, new and/or improved measurements, etc. Nevertheless, due to high temperatures and several complexities, the design and operation of the processes are still to a large degree empirically based, and several process variations are not properly understood.

Mathematical modelling can effectively be applied to improve today’s knowledge and contribute significantly to solve industrial challenges. Much insight can be established by mathematical analysis. The mathematical descriptions will further supply the basis for computations/simulations, applying modern computers and advanced software. Such simulations constitute valuable tools for enhanced process understanding, process improvements and novel innovations.

Another approach is data-driven analysis where available data is analysed to find hidden patterns. Available tools include artificial intelligence, chemometrics, and other techniques for “big data analytics”.

The conference will comprise

  • Industrial needs and challenges

  • Traditional, physics-based, models

  • Digitization, data-driven modelling

One important issue is how physics-based insight and data-driven analysis may complement each other.

The conference aims at improving the communication/dialogue between industry and academia, which will be of great value for both communities.

The conference is arranged by

  • Teknova, a subsidiary of Norwegian Research Centre, NORCE

  • SFI Metal Production

  • University of Agder

  • Eyde Cluster

We hope to see you in Kristiansand in September!

“Too few people recognise that the high technology so 
celebrated today is essentially a mathematical technology.”
Edward E. David (former president of Exxon R&D)

Dags program

  1. 17. september 2018
  2. 18. september 2018