CIRCI: Translated to English: Slovenia is launching a side-stream database based on the Eyde Cluster's method

In early December, Eyde Cluster's R&D manager, Frank Spetland, visited Slovenia to assess the winners of innovation vouchers in the CIRCI project.

Seven different projects have received 15,000 Euros each to develop new uses for by-products, with one of the Slovenian projects, Livar – Slovenia's largest foundry, incorporating by-products from Elkem. Other project participants include ADRIA mobil (motorhomes), Termit, and Elvez, the latter manufacturing car parts for brands such as Lamborghini.

Cooperates with Elkem

The goal of the CIRCI project is to share Eyde Cluster's method of building a database for by-products. In the project, Slovenia has established a circular database based on Eyde Cluster's database.

- The aim of the projects that received the innovation vouchers is to use their own by-products for something meaningful. Elkem is the only Norwegian project partner in these mini-projects within the project, says Frank Spetland, R&D manager in the Eyde Cluster.

He visited the projects along with Siv Emanuelsen from Future Materials.

Interesting projects

- I see a lot of similarity between Norway and Slovenia in terms of innovative thinking when it comes to circular processes. I found it to be an interesting and educational trip and was impressed by the projects they had completed in such a short time,  says Siv Emanuelsen.

- It is important to share the method to bring more by-products into the circular economy and to bring the world into the circular economy, says Spetland.

The CIRCI project concludes with the launch of the finished database in February 2024.