Technology students need internship

The University of Agder is now launching an internship for their bachelor's and master's students at the Faculty of Technology and Science, in the autumn semester before the students write their final thesis. Companies in the Eyde Cluster are suitable internships for the students.

- We have the pleasure to announce internship (unpaid internship) for our bachelor’s and master’s students at the faculty of engineering and science, the fall semester before the students writes their final thesis, says Jorunn Gislefoss, Faculty Director Engineering and Science.


She invites partner businesses to register their interest:


The portal to send in proposals is open all year around, the internship positions will be presented to the students at the end of January, and all the businesses will be invited to present their positions to the students in February.


Here you will find a document with more information about the internship subject with the annual wheel and the subject descriptions.

- We are also currently working on a website that will be sent to those who register in the link above. Here you will find additional information and the opportunity to submit internship job advertisements, Jorunn Gislefoss.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact 

or who is coordinating this program.