The power cable is not realized at this point

The power cable connecting Norway and Scotland, is postponed. The Norwegian Government has informed that they will need more information before they can make a decision. 

The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy in Norway informed that they do not have sufficient grounds to process NorthConnect's license applications at this point in time.

- The Norwegian and Nordic power system is going through significant changes, at a rapid pace. Two new interconnectors, to the UK and Germany respectively, will be commissioned in the near future. At this point in time, we do not have sufficient information to reach a decision regarding NorthConnect in accordance with the stipulations of the Energy Act. First we need to get a better understanding of the effects of the operation of the two interconnectors currently under construction, says Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Tina Bru on the Government´s webpage.

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For the process industry, this is good news.

- Our point of view, is that the relative low power prices here in Norway, are one of few benefits we have here. This cable would had increased our power cost. The process industry has because of that, been critical to this power cable from the beginning, says Nils Gjelsten in Glencore. 

He has also being leading the Eyde Cluster´s energy group, and given suggestions to the Norwegian Parliament about this case. 

The core companies in Eyde Cluster use yearly 35oo GWH, and this power cable can only transport 35% of this. 

Should grow new business instead

- I believe more in Agder Energy contributing to new companies and industries establishments here, pinpoints Gjelsten. 

Innovation Norway´s project Invest in Norway and Electric region Agder, are projects working for selling in Agder as a power region for industry and business who wants to establish. 

- I think the power should go to this, and not out of the country, says Gjelsten. 

He points out Equinor, who now is planning for reducing their CO2 emission, and needs more electrical power to reach their goal.  

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NorthConnect takes note of the decision.

- NorthConnect is a socially economically profitable project that, according to the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE), will create value for Norwegian society of more than NOK 8 billion. At the same time, NorthConnect will contribute to major reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Together with our owners, we will now consider what the Ministry's message means for the project, says Communications Manager in Norway, Lars Nermoen on their webpage.

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