136 innovation millions (NOK) to companies in Eyde Cluster

Of the 1,25 billions NOK to innovation, 136 millions are given to some of Eyde Clusters members. Minister of business,Torbjørn Røe Isaksen, consider research and innovation as ever more important in the era of change. 

These projects have got finance

Elkem is one of the companies in Eyde Cluster which has got most financial support for their projects, with the amount of 50 millions NOK spread over six projects. 

- This is spot-on when it comes to how we work with a solution to the environmental challenges, renewable energy and circular economy in the future.  The financial support from The Research Council of Norway is extremely important because it call forth investments to work with research and development, and develops the technology in the industry, says Håvard Moe, director of technology in Elkem in a press release published Monday. 

Elkem and Hydro got most

The largest contributors in Eyde Cluster is Elkem and Hydro. The projects are within the user oriented innovation arena programme (BIA).

Also the following companies have got their projects financed: Borregaard, Alcoa, Eramet, Prediktor.

Wish more to take off

– Research and innovation get ever more important when we are adapting. We wish more companies to take off and invest to develop the future business. The money will give the companies opportunity to take off on projects making value for the society, says the minister of trade and industry, Torbjørn Røe Isaksen in an article on the website for The Research Council of Norway   

- The companies are focused on R&D 

- This confirmes that the R&D in the companies is active and of high quality , when they get approved such a large amount of applications - and the fact that it is focused considerably on research and innovation in the companies in Eyde Cluster, says Lars Petter Maltby, leader of Eyde Innovation Centre.

Elkem applied earlier this year for financing six projects through The Research Council of Norway´s arrangement for innovation projects in business. They got finance for all of them. All together Elkem and it´s partners is supported by 50 million NOK, connected to the Research Council of Norway´s appliance period for 2019 and three years ahead. The amount differs between 8 and 10,6 million NOK for each of the projects. 

Product development

- Elkem is very satisfied getting the finances for strategical projects concerning product development, material use and environmental improvements. This give us the opportunity to get essential research finances to develop  Elkem in the future, says Gro Eide, director R&D Technical Centre, Elkem.