A new battery project, named BATMAN (Lithium ion BATteries - Norwegian opportunities within sustainable end-of-life MANagement, reuse and new material streams) has now started up. 

Increasing needs for raw materials 

We expect an increased use of batteries, and because of that it will be an increased need for raw materials used in batteries. If we are going to follow UN´s sustainable goals, recycling of this material will be of high interest. Specially because Norwegian process industry produce several of the raw materials used in battery production. 

Norwegian companies are in lead 

This project will put Norwegian companies in lead concerning battery development, developing a dynamic and strategic tool, based on analyzes of material flow. In this way, the raw materials stay in the value chain and the values can be reused.

Started in 2019

BATMAN-project had its first meeting June 5th 2019. Represented: Glencore, Elkem, Hydro, Fiven, Agder Energi, research partners at NTNU, University of Agder, IFE (Institute for energy technique), Transport economical institute and Eyde Cluster. 

BIA program in The Research Concil supports the project with 11,75 MNOK. This is 50 percent of the project costs. 50 percent is financed by the companies participating in the project. 



“Powering the European Green Deal: Key policy trends on lithium ion batteries”,

by Associate Professor Stina Torjesen at the University of Agder and one of the project’s PhD student Terese Birkeland.


“The Movement of Li-Ion Batteries through the Norwegian Transport Sector From Market Penetration to Vehicle Scrappage” by Chief Research Engineer Erik Figenbaum from The Institute of Transport Economics and his team.


Contact persons: 

 Stephen Sayfritz:

Lars Petter Maltby: