How to live up to the nickname "the battery coast"?

The university in the south of Norway is initiating a large-scale collaboration with business and industry to develop battery expertise within research, education, and co-creation. Several companies from the Eyde Cluster are collaborating.

The University of Agder (UiA) is starting a five-year project with business and industry partners to build up expertise in the field of battery technology. The goal is to become one of the leading tech environments in Norway, and that Southern Norway will live up to its new nickname as the ‘battery coast’.

Project ELAG

Earlier this year, the project ELAG got 5 million NOK from The Norwegian Council of research. The project is aimed to give worn out car batteries a new life as sustainable energy storage units.

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Also, the project may transform the Agder region to a more significant and more circular European junction for reuse of batteries, and establish more jobs through shared technology and knowledge development. 

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Lars Petter Maltby
Lars Petter Maltby