The Minister of business in the formal launch of Battery Norway

During the formal launch of Battery Norway as an organisation, emphasis was placed on the opportunities that lie there for a Norwegian battery value chain. It is now open to register for Battery Norway.

- Now that Battery Norway has been founded as a separate organisation, it means that we can open up and get more members along the value chain. Although many Norwegian companies have been active in the battery sector for a long time, there are now also many new players. By supporting cooperation between companies and suppliers along the entire value chain, we hope that Battery Norway can assist in the work to create a competitive and robust battery industry in Norway. The batteries are part of the green shift and absolutely necessary to succeed in the transition from fossil to renewable energy. It is our ambition that Norway and the Nordic countries will become a central part of the European battery industry.

Battery Norway contribute to:

  • Development and implementation of a national Norwegian battery strategy that facilitates sustainable growth.
  • Expansion of the Norwegian battery supply chain and ecosystem.
  • Building of relevant industrial competence and infrastructure.
  • Explore synergies within the Norwegian and Nordic battery ecosystems.
  • Connect Norwegian companies to international initiatives and activities.
  • Promote Norway as a battery nation