- It is very important to understand the potentials and the risks of AI

Analysts expect that by 2030, we will become even more dependent on artificial intelligence (AI) in complex digital systems. Some believe that AI will continue to enhance our lives with mostly positive outcomes, while others foresee significant challenges as we become increasingly reliant on AI. We asked ChatGPT which smart questions to ask professor of Computer Science Xin Yao about AI and the industry.

Thursday Eyde Cluster hostet an event on AI and its position in Industry 5.0. Four experts shared their expectations on the development in AI: 

Professor of Computer Science, Xin Yao, Anna Olsson, Chief Commercial Officer in Intelecy, Per-Arne Andersen, associate professor in AI and cyber security at  the University of Agder, Filippo Sanfilippo, Professor at the Institute for Engineering science, the University of Agder.

Questions asked by Chat GPT

Because it was an event about AI and how we can use that in our work, I decided to ask professor Xin Yao a few questions suggested by the AI generator ChatGPT.

What are the current trends and advancements in AI that are most relevant to the industry?

- I think I see two aspects, once the AI has enable the improvement of the industry. And in other ways it may change the nature of some industry and the way we think of industry as a management industry. Some new industry might emerge.

You are talking about evolutionary computation, and what that can do for you. What do you mean about that? 

- A lot of universities have demonstrated the opportunities, for examples mass customization ordering shoes. And with 3D-printing you can design it yourself. So in the supply chain I cut off a lot of stages. So with the emerge of AI, we might change the industry. It will be different and more efficient.

What ethical considerations or challenges arise with the widespread adoption of AI in industry?

- The risk is what impact it has on human being. AI is not very accurate and is based on books and the Internet. So the risk it that some people might take it as a true answer. And as e researcher, I am worried about the convergence of opinions. I am a believer in diversity, and specially in terms of innovation. If we rely too much on one source of AI, I think everybody tend to think in the same way. For example the answers you get from ChatGPT is from existing knowledge. It´s a conflict with these converged answers and the disrupting answers. 

Another ethical risk, is transparancy issues. EV camera and the outcome. And then you have issues related to injustice. I think AI cause more potentially risks in those areas. And the ChatGPT is not sustainable, using so much electricity. And the risk is that if the technology has become so popular in the society, and if you are dominant in the marked, you will prevent other technologies from emerging. 

How can companies and professionals stay updated and competitive in the rapidly evolving AI field?

- Thats a tough question. But I believe that no matter what kind of industry you have, it is very important to understand the potentials and the risks of AI. Because it is developing so fast. If you dont know your potential, you will miss opportunities. And if you dont know the risks, you will go sidetracked, specially when you are talking about ethical issues. In Europe they are in fact leading the world when it comes to regulatory rules in EU, called AI act. So it´s very important for the company, even if you are using AI or not, to be fully aware of this. It´s going to have an impact on your future. You have to have an awareness on how it affects your company.