ARENDAL Week Youth: The industry might be something for these two girls?

It took a couple of films, a little competition, and an ice cream for the 15-year-olds Mina Vatne and Hanna Nystøl from St. Franciscus School to consider a career in the process industry.

- Who has driven an electric car?

- Who is wearing lipstick?

- Who has sat in a Ferrari?

- Stand up! says Helene Falch Fladmark from the stage.

The goal is to make the youth aware of what is being produced here in the Southern region of Norway and that nothing happens on its own. For Mina Vatne and Hanna Nystøl, the process industry became more interesting after they had seen what it actually involves. They were among the few who stood up when everyone who could imagine a future in the process industry was asked to stand up.

Crash Course in the Process Industry

On Friday, it was time for Youth Day at Torvscenen during Arendalsuka. 45 minutes, equivalent to a class period, dedicated to enlightening young people about what is produced in the Southern region of Norway in the process industry. Many were surprised by the extent of what is actually a part of their everyday surroundings. Even in lipstick and in their mobile phones.

View the list of the raw materials and products made in the Eyde Cluster

Tempted by by high salary and zero study loans

Four young representatives from four different companies in the Eyde Cluster talked about their jobs and how the process industry offers good conditions and good pay.

Heidi Vidvei Larsen from Morrow, Adrian Klingsheim from Glencore Nikkelverk, automation apprentice Lars Torkelsen from GE Healthcare, and laboratory engineer Karoline Bråten from Elkem encouraged young people to try their hand in an industry that is being heavily invested in for the future. Pia Amalie Sundt from Hennig-Olsen Is also highlighted that the process industry isn't just about producing heavy metals and chemicals. Ice cream production is also a part of the process industry, where raw materials are refined into a product.

Raw Material Duel

Two schools competed in a raw material duel, where both teams showed they had been attentive in class.

Test yourself in the raw material quiz here:

1. Silicon is used in which environmentally friendly product that generates energy?
2. Silicon carbide produced in Lillesand is used in solar panels or tanks?
3. Name two of the car types that Agder supplies car parts to.
4. In Birkeland, they manufacture fiberglass. What else is made from fiberglass?
5. What is the most important raw material that Hennig-Olsen Is needs to make ice cream?


1. Solar panels
2. Tanks
3. BMW, Porsche, Benteler, Ferrari, Land Rover
4. Skis, fishing rods, bicycle frames, aircraft, car bodies, boats, play equipment
5. Cream

The event during Arendalsuka Youth was hosted by Helene Falch Fladmark from the Eyde Cluster and Anne Klepsland Simonsen from NHO Agder.