How can we afford a green transition?

Helene Falch Fladmark is today speaking on a climate event in Lithuania. The discussion is how much we can afford to make a green transition. 

The event Dead planet vs Green transition: do we know the real price? The world today is on the verge of a sustainability crisis. We hear about global warming, biodiversity loss and extreme climate events. Countries and regions agree on ambitious plans to fight climate change and its consequences. At the same time, we see a steep increase in our energy bills and fuel prices. With that, many ask can we afford the green transition? Is dead planet vs empty wallets the only option we have?

In this discussion, Helene Falch Fladmark and the other contributors, will talk about the urgent actions we can take today, costs and investments, and how not to leave anyone behind.



Prof.  Egidijus Rimkus, climatologist at Vilnius University 

Helene Fladmark, director of the Eyde Cluster

Bertel Dons Christensen, Head of EU Affairs Department in the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities 

Moderator: Živilė Kropaitė


Watch live on Šiaurės ministrų tarybos biuras Lietuvoje | Facebook (Facebook page of Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania)



This will be discussed: 

· Mission driven innovation – where the sence of urgency is (finally) more obvious to all parties

· Energy prices (even in Norway) has fuelled the debate about the need for new renewable energy

· Business opportunities – and also easier to get private investment in the green shift

· More cooperation – between companies e.g. through clusters – like the Eyde Clsuter

· Collaboration government – private sector

· Between countries – the Nordics in the battery value chain

· Also dilemmas: Land use (biodiversity) vs needed industry/renewable energy

· Gives more emphasis on resource efficiency and circular economy (examples from industry – urban mining/mapping of sidestream, industrial symbiosis)