Explains how good work culture is good for business

Glencore Nikkelverk and Eramet Norway is pointing at the good work culture as an important success factor for their industrial success. In The Explorer, the two companies explains why. 

- Simply put, the Norwegian process industry wouldn’t have survived if the quality of our workers hadn’t been so high, says Agnethe Rieber-Mohn, HR Director, Glencore Nikkelverk to the Explorer.

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Good work culture = good business

The article is about how work culture explains Norwegian industrial success. Specially  related to the  three large-scale battery cell factories who are announced in Norway.

- As a high-cost country, the Norwegian process industry is at a relative disadvantage when it comes to wage costs. Therefore, we have been forced to become world leaders in productivity, quality, and competence, which is what has made Norwegian industry one of the cleanest and most efficient in the world, Rieber-Mohn says.


Focus on individual engagement

Eramet Norway is also one of the companies explaining what it takes to succeed.

- It’s not mainly because we have better or more efficient equipment and machinery. Nor is it about Norwegian workers necessarily being smarter or more hard-working than others. It has to do with a work culture focusing on individual engagement and motivation that makes the most of the skills, experience and knowledge of every worker, says Kåre-Bjarte Bjelland, Director of Strategy and Communication in Eramet Norway to the Explorer.

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