Hosting the world conference in sampling & blending

Next year the 10th world conference on sampling and blending - WCSB, is hosted by the Eyde Cluster. The conference will be held in Kristiansand. 

The conference is arranged May31th - June 2th 2022

- While we are on the topic of anniversaries, there will of course also be a special focus on the fact that the WCSB conference has now been conducted for 20 years, with ever increasing benefits to science, technology, industry and society. It is also a pleasure that the conference is kind of "coming home" to Scandinavia again, says Kim Esbensen, who are hosting the conference together with Eyde Cluster and Elke Thisted in Glencore as the facilitator. 

Because of the Covid-19, the conference is postponed a year, an d will therefore mark its 21th year of existence.

The conference will cover the newest topics within the theory of sampling and blending (TOS). In addition to give a broader perspective for a more sustainable science, technology and industry.

Dedicated to the theory of sampling
WCSB10 is the anniversary event in a highly successful series of world conferences dedicated to the science and technology of sampling. It all started no longer ago than in 2003 in which professor Kim H. Esbensen organised the first ever World Conference on Sampling and Blending.
- The conference has toured around the globe: Esbjerg, Brisbane, Cape Town, Porto Alegre, Lima, Santiago de Chile, Bordeaux, Perth, Beijing ... and now Kristiansand, everywhere attracting the world community of professional samplers as well as representatives from the major industry sectors where proper sampling is critical (mining, minerals processing, cement, coal, agriculture, food/feed ..), informs Esbensen.
The founder of the method
The rights to host WCSB is given by the International Pierre Gy Sampling Association (, which in 2019 was pleased to grant the Eyde Cluster this privilege for the WCSB10. 
- Sampling world conferences function as the prime occasion to get together to meet with all other colleagues dealing with this relatively narrow scientific and technical field - there are only approximately 500 active samplers in total globally. There is always a healthy mixture of scientific, technological and applied issues being presented. The WCSB is the prime venue for interaction between science, technology and industry, says Esbensen.
A sustainable scope
This time around, the Eyde Cluster has decided to give the conference a special impact in the form of a sustainable scope by targeting the UN world development goals nos. 9 and 12 (sustainable industry, innovation and infrastructure, and responsible production and consumption).
- It is hoped that the sampling community will embrace this opportunity to orient its scope towards the aspirations embedded in these goals. Even though sampling has been on the applied technology agenda for more than 100 years, proper 
sampling (representative sampling) is still today a missing link in many industrial sectors, says Esbensen.
The conference will also celebrate the occasion of the birthday of the Theory of Sampling (TOS), which is the unifying feature of all professional samplers.