Crowded at BATMAN conference

The house of Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise in Oslo was packed when Eyde Cluster and Invest In Norway together arranged a conference for companies which have or wish to have an industrial position in the batteries value chain. 

Innovation Norway was co-organizer, with their focus on how they can adapt for attracting international customers.  The conference followed the annual meeting in the BATMAN project.

Illustrates the potential 

- This workshop had many impressive speakers who gave us a foundation of facts consisting a variety of perspectives. We were really given  an illustration of the potentials within the area of batteries, but at the same time with a focus on the facts of risks. Specially the accessibility of raw materials and the fast changes within the chemistry in the batteries. The arrangement was also well and efficiently organized, says Gro Eide, director of R&D at Elkem Technology

Elkem is one of the partners in the BATMAN project. 

An important industrial meeting place 

- An industrial meeting place of and for the industry is important to develop the battery project BATMAN - both for Norwegian and foreign participants, says Lars Petter Maltby, leader of Eyde Innovation Center, who participates in the battery project.  

Useful discussions 

- I experienced some good discussions around the tables, and that these are useful. It´s important that it remains an industrial meeting place, says Maltby, who hopes for a spin-off of the BATMAN project.

- In addition to the project, we want to make a meeting place to build synergies in Norwegian business and a connection to international business. Invest in Norway will give their best offer to the foreign investors, adds Maltby.

120 persons came to the workshop, which Eyde Cluster and Invest in Norway arranged together. There were participants from Norwegian industries, universities and research institutions and an international advisory board participated with their advices and outlooks.  

Quick development

- The development in batteries value chain is moving fast, specially in Europe. That´s why our "Advisory board", including significant persons from European institutions as Nickel Institute, British Geological Survey and EIT RawMaterials, are important participations for the project to be followed and build on the development so we can deliver our best on a sustainable value growth in Norway. They are giving us advices about the direction and priorities of the project, says Stephen Sayfritz, who arranged the conference together with Invest in Norway.

Next gathering with BATMAN-project will be May 6th. in Kristiansand, Norway.