The competence group for the environment will work on issues related to environmental management and emission permits. The topics can be for instance; discharges to water, emissions to air, odors, discharges to ground, noise and waste / landfill. Other relevant topics may include water quality, air quality and ecological impact in the surrounding area.

The group will share and develop expertise and technology in the field of environment by sharing information, knowledge and experience. The group will identify and discuss current issues, requirements and standards and have knowledge of EU directives and BAT. The group will keep the member companies in the forefront, for example regarding environmental measurements and equipment, development of measuring programs, including interpreting / understanding the results.

Through this work, the group will find and apply best practice in the field. We will work to achieve continuous improvement and reductions in emissions from the industry, and help improve the working methodology related to information gathering and reporting. This is a collaboration that will help companies achieve their respective environmental goals.