Nordic Battery Arena

Registration closes: Wed 9. Jun 2021 - 00:00
Time: Wednesday, 9 June 2021 - 14:00 - 15:30 |
Open for all
Location: Online

The Nordic Battery Scene - The digital event focuses on how the Nordic region (specifically Sweden, Finland and Norway) can become a region for green industry in general and battery value in particular.

Norway, Sweden and Finland have access to battery raw materials, material processing capacity, fabrication through the battery value chain. A new battery industry can be built on existing renewable power resources enabling the production of batteries with lowest climate footprint.

By registering you will be able to meet key actors within the Nordic battery scene, including the Norwegian Minister for Trade and Industry, automotive OEM, Battery material producers and Nordic cell producers. You will also get an insight into how the European Battery Alliance, Business Sweden and Innovation Norway enable Nordic companies to bring their innovations to market. Several leading companies will give short briefs on the status of their activities and projects.

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Title Speaker

Nora Rosenberg Grobæk (Innovation Norway)
Lars Petter Maltby (Batttery Norway/BATMAN-project)

Batteries in the nordics

Iselin Nybø (Minister of Trade & Industry)

EBA invites the nordic countries to make a difference

Thore Sekkenes (European Battery Alliance)

How can nordic countries become key suppliers in the battery value chain TBC (European OEM)
Batteries - Strategic capitalism?

Stina Torjesen (University of Agder)

A study of the nordic battery value chain

Energimyndigheten (Business Sweden)

EU battery regulation through EU parliament


Northvolt Jesper Wigardt (Vice president Communications & Public Affairs)
Capacities for active materials for batteries

Christian Rüdiger (Johnson Matthey)

Material flow analysis in battery industry

Daniel Müller (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

Messages from Beyonder, Freyr (TBC), Morrow Batteries, Hydro & Vianode (Elkem) spread throughout the event. Svein Kvernstuen,  Tom Jensen (TBC), Terje Andersen,  Morten Helleraker & Stian Madshus