The PROSIN conference 2020

Time: 10/08/2020 - 11/08/2020 |
Open for all
Location: Strand Hotel Fevik/ live stream

The world has changed since we started to plan this year´s Prosin conference. The Arendals week is cancelled, so we are planning a different meeting place, where we combine physical (100 guests at Strand Hotel Fevik) and digital presence. You can choose to participate in the conference in total, or just a part of it. The arrangement will be held in English.

The conference starts at 17:00 on the 10th of August:

“How can the Nordic battery value chain contribute to a sustainable European future?” will be streamed from the Strand Hotel Fevik in front of a live audience. The event is organized in cooperation with Invest in Norway, Eyde Cluster, Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise, Hydro, Sintef and Northvolt, and is a follow-up to the Nordic Battery scene event from the 30th of June.

The conference will be held in English with the following speakers:

  •  Minister of Trade and Industry of Norway Iselin Nybø - Norway's opportunities for sustainable growth and the green transition

  • llka von Dalwigk (InnoEnergy) og Stina Torjesen (UiA) a dialogue: Is it politics or the market that drives the growth of battery production in Europe?

  • Anna Utsi, Talga Sverige, Peter Fox, Skaland Graphite AS, Stian Madshus, Elkem ASA,  Rasmus Bergström, BatteryLoop AS and Trygve Burchardt, Ecostor AS will talk about the Nordic ecosystem, sustainable materials and recycling, with a focus on industrial examples. 

  • Christian Rosenkilde (Norsk Hydro) og Fredrik Andresen (AS Batteriretur) will dicuss "Battery recycling in the world's most developed EV market and HydroVolt".

Investing in the battery value chain - an investors perspective by:

  • Beyonder – CEO Svein Kvernstuen
  • Freyr - CEO Tom Einar Jensen «A sneak preview into the development of Norway’s first LiB Cell Manufacturing Facility»
  • Morrow Batteries - CEO Terje Andersen.
  • Mari Lundström (Aalto University)- “Batteries from Finland network at the service of Nordic cooperation”

Finally, an update from Invest in Norway, Business Finland and Business Sweden about co-operation around a common Nordic battery value proposition.

Monday schedule concludes with dinner at Strand Hotel with Elkem's award ceremony.

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Tuesday the 11th of August kl 9.00-11.30

The theme is circular realignment, where one of the main items will be a debate and presentation of the Process21 report on circular economy by the expert group's leader Kathrine Næss (Yara) and an interview with Hans Erik Vatne (Norsk Hydro). Cecilie Lind from Avfall Norge will comment the report.

The session will include:

  • Espen Barth Eide, deputy chairman of the Energy and Environment committee, about the possibilities for circular economy in the industry in dialogue with Ola Elvestuen (MP) and Cecilie Lind (avfall Norge)
  • Perspectives on circular economy from the EU, by Angels Orduña, Executive Director, SPIRE
  • David Verdú in REC Solar presents its groundbreaking recycling project
  • Marketing Director Jan Gabor from Mo Industripark AS and Freyr on batteries in circular focus
  • Presentation of the roadmap for a climate-positive industrial region in Grenland under the auspices of Industrial Green Tech by Irene Siljan Vestby
  • Thomas Hartnik fra Lindum - NMBU (Norwegian University of Life Sciences) presents their Center for research-driven innovation
  • National mapping of material flows by Helene Falch Fladmark and Lars Petter Maltby (Eyde Cluster)

The event concludes with lunch at the Strand Hotel Fevik.

Follow live-stream Tuesday

Ruth Astrid Sæter is the facilitator for the PROSIN conference 10. and of August. More presentations and sessions will be added to the program continuously as they are confirmed. After lunch, Tuesday continues with Avfall Norge's event Sirkulær21 streamed with a live audience in Oslo. This is transmitted directly to participants in hubs at Strand Hotel Fevik, Grenland and Mo i Rana. The conference aims to shed light on and concretize the opportunities for value creation and new jobs in the transition to a more circular economy. There will also be a political debate on the topic.


How to attend the conference?


This year's conference offers various forms of participation. You can choose to participate:


• Physically in-person at Strand Hotel Fevik inc. dinner and lunch (1090, - + VAT)

• Physically in-person at the hub in Grenland, Herøya Industrial Park (Tuesday - free)

• Physically in-person at the hub in Mo i Rana, Mo Industrial Park (Tuesday - free)

• Physically in-person at the hub in Oslo, Polytechnic Association, Event Circular21- Waste Norway (Tuesday - free) NB! Register here for attending this hub:

Digitally via sent links after registration (Monday and Tuesday, free)


  1. Monday, 10 August 2020
  2. Tuesday, 11 August 2020