Industry Futurum: Material production

Time: Tuesday, 20 November 2018 - 13:30 - 16:30 |
Open for all
Location: Clarion - Oslo Airport

Welcome to PROSIN, NTNU & EIT raw Material metal processing event, in conjunction with Industry Futurum

Introductory talks by EIT Raw Materials, NTNU and Eyde-cluste

Session - Material Processing (to be finally confirmed)

  • Gro Eide (Elkem)
  • METNET: A joint entrance to the European pilot plants for extractive metallurgy and mineral processing, Marianne Magnelöv
  • New challenges at Swerim/RISE, Lawrence Hooey
  • Circular economy at Eramet, Benjamin Ravary

Session - Material Development (to be finally confirmed)

  • Roland Gauss (EIT- RM, batteries & recycling)
  • ReSiTec (recycling solar)
  • Zero Waste Cluster (VITO)  
  • Juha Ylimaunu (Outokompo
  • Ignacio Calleja (EIT-RM)